Anna Larsson (b.1995, Gothenburg) is a Swedish artist working between Sweden and Ireland. Her work focuses on personal and collective experiences in contemporary society, often dealing with subjects of intimacy, distance, and interpersonal behavior. Anna’s practice includes a wide range of mediums, from the virtual to the physical. Often the various methods are combined in the final pieces. She has been participating in group shows since 2016, Release: Expanded Field of Publication. (Gothenburg) 2017, New Translations (Dublin) 2019, Afterthought(Dublin) 2020, and Room to Bloom Festival (Malmö) 2022.


2023, Det är stort 25+1 - Group Exhibition, curated by Gothenburg Image Workshop, Nabo, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2022, Room to Bloom Festival - Group exhibition, curated by Room to Bloom Team, STPLN, Malmö, Sweden.

2022, On Show 2022 - IADT Graduate exhibition, curated by the exhibition committee, IADT campus, Dublin, Ireland.

2022, Proposals - IADT student exhibition, curated by Maeve Connolly and the exhibition group, IADT Campus, Dublin, Ireland.

2020, Afterthought - IADT student exhibition, curated by Thomas Duffy, the United Arts Club, Dublin, Ireland.

2019, New Translations - IADT student exhibition, curated by Des Ward, Laurence Ridell, and Tim Lloyd, IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.

2017, FOG 218 - Academy Valand student exhibition, curated by Klara Källström and Tobias Fäldt, Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017, Release: Expanded Field of Publication - Academy Valand student exhibition, curated by Kalle Sanner, Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017, Spring Exhibition - FFFF collective exhibition, group curated, Studenternas Hus, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017, The World as You See it - performed by Evelin Bandeira, São Paulo, Brazil.

2016, Graphics - Curated by Börje Almqvist, SVT House, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Nominations and Scholarships

2022, Longlisted for RDS Visual Art Awards, Dublin, Ireland.

2021, Artistic Scholarship by Therese Kamp's foundation, Gothenburg, Sweden.


2022,KonstKollektivet, Mölndal, Sweden.


2022, Bachelor in Art at Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Dublin, Ireland.

2015 - 2017, Art Studies at Valand, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden.